Trump's Tender Tabby
WikiLeaks is gifting two #CryptoKitties to President Trump and Secretary Clinton. Under 5 U.S.C. § 7432 Trump’s Tender Tabby will become federal property to be enjoyed by future presidents via custodians at the US National Archives.
Trump's Tender Tabby
About Trump's Tender Tabby
Trump's Tendy Tabby is a cute cat who keeps a lot of virtual world wealth for Trump, such as #CryptoKitties, etc. Tender Tabby's assets are mainly to provide financial support for the future president of the United States. And Tender Tabby itself became a Meme symbol popular on Solana, with the ultimate goal of becoming the president of MEMECOIN!
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TABBY will be released on Solana, and the founders will relinquish contractual ownership and burn LP The move is to give Trump's Tender Tabby more money to get more people to support Trump

Community driven

TABBY inherits the culture of Meme, for the future president of the United States to be able to better live and handle politics, and is completely driven by the community, unable to interfere.

If you want to contribute to this journey, you can copy the contract below and purchase a portion. However, it is worth noting that meme has many uncertainties and is worthless, please be aware of the risks! If you support Trump and make America Great again, it's okay to choose to hold a little TABBY and trust that we're only good for you and can't hurt!
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